„In Germany, calling an antisemite an antisemite is basically like doing your taxes: first you have to go over the same crap again and again and then it’s all receipts, receipts, receipts.“

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We, the Artists Against Antisemitism, will not sit back idly and do nothing while antisemitism, as well as its equally dangerous twin, antizionism, become increasingly prevalent and bold in Germany. No matter where it’s coming from, no matter the background, and no matter how it presents itself – we are appalled by the understanding and tolerance that hatred towards Jewish people is met with in our society. 

An end must be put to the demonization, delegitimization and the double standards towards the State of Israel, Jews and all people perceived as Jewish worldwide which is seemingly tolerated in the media coverage, opinions, and comment sections. The fact that synagogues need security 24/7 and Jews have been advised to forego wearing a kippa or symbolic jewelry (in other words to hide their heritage) as to not be identified as Jewish for their own safety is unacceptable. Therefore, we refuse to stay silent any longer, and we will show that each and every one of us can act against this state of affairs. 

We are explicitly not referring to inner-Israeli conflicts, nor do we base our solidarity on whoever happens to be the political leader of the Israeli government at any given time. Israel has a functioning democracy within which oppositional factions and the free press alike have every right to criticize their government.

Centuries of antisemitic pogroms found its horrible climax in the Shoa – but not its end. What followed was the expulsion of nearly all Jewish people from Arabic countries as well as several wars on and attacks against the very last place of refuge these people and their families have. Since not a single country or state on this planet has so far been successful in guaranteeing the safety of their fellow Jewish neighbors, Israel is the logical and necessary consequence of this persecution. Only within a state that possesses the means to protect itself can both religious and secular Jews organize for their own protection and survival. There can be no doubts to a right to exist for Israel. 

People all across the world need to be able to lead their lives with dignity, no matter their religious beliefs, origin, sexual orientation or social status. This certainly includes, for instance, the people of Gaza being allowed to live their lives freely and individually, without fear and suffering under Hamas, who would fire an estimated 20% of their Iranian-financed rockets at their own people at any given moment without flinching. 

International campaigns such as BDS and „Palästina spricht“ are not peaceful organizations, but part of the problem in their antisemitic one-sidedness. Their demands for a Palestine that reaches „from the river to the sea“ is inherently an unabashed call for the annihilation of all Jewish people living there – not least because, as is clearly evident even now, there is no intention of providing for Jewish life within the surrounding Arab-Muslim countries. Their propaganda tries to utilize academic and artistic support, such as that of Roger Waters (Pink Floyd). Thus, they generate a lot of media attention.

We cannot stand alone against antisemitism while widespread campaigns try to silence their critics. For this reason, we are joining forces as Artists Against Antisemitism, we will not abandon the people that are the targets of antisemitism. We will come together and let our voices be heard loud and clear. wir wollen die von Antisemitismus betroffenen Menschen nicht alleine lassen, sondern unsere Stimme gemeinsam erheben und laut werden.

Against all and any kind of antisemitism!

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Was ist israelbezogener Antisemitismus?

The so-called 3D rule can be used to determine whether a statement is merely criticism of Israel's policies or crosses the line into antisemitism: This is the case when double standards, delegitimisation or demonisation of Israel are involved. The quick test was developed in 2004 by the Israeli politician and scientist Nathan Sharansky to systematically check texts and statements to see if they are antisemitic. It has since proven its worth in academia and, above all, in politics and civil society. Monika Schwarz-Friesel and Jehuda Reinharz, who research contemporary anti-Semitism, criticise, however, that the three criteria need to be made more concrete. To this end, they cite the five application characteristics spelled out in 2004 by the European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia EUMC. These can also be found in the examples of the <a title="IHRA-Definition (opens in new tab)" href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_Definition_of_Antisemitism" target="_blank" IHRA definition:


  • Denial of Israel's right to exist and self-determination.
  • comparing or equating Israel with National Socialism
  • applying different standards to Israel than to other countries
  • Holding Jews from all over the world responsible for Israel's governmental actions.
  • Referring to Israel or Israelis with anti-Semitic images, symbols or phrases.



Schwarz-Friesel and Reinharz introduce a fourth "D" in relation to Israel-related antisemitism, namely de-realisation. This means that the portrayal of Israel is very distorted and deviates strongly from the factual reality. The first three "D "s are ultimately a consequence of this false image. The patterns of language use and the strategies of defamation are exactly the same as the traditional anti-Jewish stereotypes. Anti-Israeli anti-Semitism must therefore be seen as a modern variant of the old anti-Jewish resentment.

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Almut Zilcher (Schauspielerin) | Melanie Raabe (Autorin) | TICO (DJ, Producer) | Jürgen Schellong (Mediengestalter) | Klaus Walter (Autor) | Jan Braunholz (Dokumentarfilmer, Coffeeconsultant) | Dr. Jürgen Richter | Silvia Rieger (Schauspielerin) | Stefan Kullmann (Ex-Blogger, Sozialpädagoge) | Svea L. Herrmann (Bassistin) | Roland Spranger (Autor) | The Bottomline (Band) | Commander Tulch (DJ) | Daniel Haaksman (DJ, Producer) | Julia Reth (Musikerin) | Xenia Ende (Künstlerin*) | Tina Turnheim (Theatermacherin) | Miriam Locker (Dramaturgin) | Leonie Hahn (Dramaturgin) | Daniel Nicolai (Intendant) | Marcus Antonius Wesselmann (Komponist) | Hans Brinkmann (Schriftsteller) | Joscha Bauer (Grafiker, Musiker) | The030 (DJ) | Stefan Crank (Piercer) | Elmar von Cramon (Journalist) | Patsy l’Amour laLove | Arno Bauer (Künstler, Alerta Optics) | Der E1ne (Rapper) | Seah Christin Zenker (Sozialassistentin, Sterbebegleiterin) | 

GrGr (Musiker) | Ayla Pierrot Arendt (Regisseurin, Künstlerin) | Armin Fuhrer (Autor) | Siegfried Wahnreich (Sänger, Dichter) | John Minus Plus (DJ) | Rosa Klee (Musikerin, Philosophin) | Tene Franka Schreier (Journalistin) | Susanne Pomrehn (Bildende Künstlerin) | Reset.642 (graffiti artist) | Katrin Einert (Forschung) | Der Pogende Pinguin (Musiker) | Fragment Factory (Plattenlabel) | Philip Bradatsch (Musiker) | Strafplanet Erde (Grafiker) | Veniamin Sapozhnikov (Schriftsteller, Übersetzer) | Vidal & Groth (Künstlerinnen) | Käthe Bauer (Bildende Künstlerin) | Bernd Seufert (Zeichner) | Røbinsøn (Musiker) | Franziska Löffelholz (Bildhauerin) | Ahima Beerlage (Autorin) | Torsten Kurschus (Dramaturg, Musikpädagoge) | Rozsika Farkas (Journalistin, Autorin) | Barry Berko (musician) | Martin Blankemeyer (Filmemacher) | Altin Village & Mine (Label) | Ilona Oltuski (getclassical.org) | Tanja Ehmann (WiMi, Soziokulturarbeiterin) | Mathias Meis (Kaufmännischer Leiter Hartware MedienKunstVerein) |

Claudia Rusch (Schriftstellerin) | Yehudis Jacobowitz (Bildende Künstlerin, Grafikerin) | Alex Mossler (Koch/Caterer) | Marc Gröszer (Bildhauer) | Udo Wenzel (Autor) | Ulrich Leinz (Verleger) | Nora Buschmann | Rosa Gröszer (Designerin/Kunstpädagogin) | Elisabeth Herrmann (Schriftstellerin, Drehbuchautorin) | Kindertanzgruppe Sonnenschein (Band) | Gesa Henrike Nemitz (Tätowiererin) | Kibagami (DJ) | Marion Feuereisen (Malerin) | Jens Becker (Filmemacher) | JR Photography (Fotojournalist) | die Apart (Band) | Luc Pilipp (Museumspädagoge) | gegenfeuer (Mediengestalter) | Maximilian Karakatsanis (Regisseur, Autor) | Corinna Gassauer (Künstlerin) | Myriam Halberstam (Verlegerin, Filmemacherin) | Bernie Thomas (Kunstlehrerin) | Tim Sandweg (Dramaturg) | Sorry for Myself (Musiker) | Martin Lösch (Berater) | Rosa Andraschek (Künstlerin) | Kommando.21 (Band) | Elurra (Band) | Jeannette Lein (Tätowiererin) | Konrad Feuerstein |

Roland Röder (Kollumnist, der letzte linke Kleingärtner) | Pazco 030 ( Musiker) | Harry Hachmeister (Künstler) | Los Bitchos Bartos (Band) | Anna Caroline Arndt (Regisseurin) | Lena Schäfferling (Naturtrüb Magazin) | contain’t e.V. (Kunst, Musik) | Kornelius Eich (Regisseur) | l’Allure (DJ) | Alles.Scheisze (Band) | Annika Ditzer (Schauspielerin, Sprecherin) | Dark Horse (Band) | Annika Ditzer (Schauspielerin, Sprecherin) | Petra Steps (Autorin) | Fightball (Band) | Basti Bargeld | Robert Rutkowski (Fotojournalist) | Dr. Carsten Labudda | CHROMA (DJ, Producerin) | Stern – Verein zur Förderung alternativer Kultur und politischer Bildung Aschaffenburg e.V. | Gisela Wielert (Wortpedantin) | Katharina Bellena (Schauspielerin, Filmemacherin) | Schwefel AG | Daniel Steinfels (Labelinhaber, Musiker) | Carina Böglmüller (Politikerin, Aktivistin) | Lea Zey | Anja Böttcher | Hardy Digital (Musiker, Producer) | Denes Bieberich (Musiker) | Aaron Kleinz (Illustrator) |
Mangel (Label) | Oliver Dupont (Schauspieler) |


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